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First impressions of Steelseries Kinzu V2 Pro Mouse (Silver)

posted Oct 22, 2013, 7:51 AM by Victor Zakharov   [ updated Oct 22, 2013, 7:53 AM ]
My previous mouse was a Razer Abyssus, which I bought on sale for $35. A decent mouse overall, soft, low-noise click, and a nice rubberised feel. First problem appeared after approximately a year of use. It was a squeaky mouse wheel. After a series of interactions with Razer support, they sent a replacement. Two years later it stopped holding the left mouse click. Here is how exactly it happened. Suppose you don't press a left button firmly, meaning you push it just a little more than what's required to make a click sound. You do that - and the click will suddenly get released and applied again, while you are still holding it down. It can lead to interesting side effects, both in game and on desktop. This was the point I started looking for a new mouse.

My target was a good quality mouse with 3 buttons, no need for extreme performance, and priced accordingly. Luckily found this Kinzu V2 Pro on sale in Ncix for $20, the only concern was color. On Ncix's page it was showing as white, and on some product search engines it was dark grey. So I went to Steelseries website to find out the truth. And it turned out that this Pro V2 is not even available in white, and the only options are silver, red and black. So "silver" actually meant "silver" in this case. Although I was okay with getting any color, provided it would be a good quality mouse.

I got the package next day, thanks to Purolator. And here are my quick unboxing slides (start and finish really):

(click on image to see larger size)

As you can see, the color looks good when paired with a PureTrack mouse pad, which I had previously. Even better than a black Abyssus.
The black sides are rubber, adding a nice firm grip and feel to it. No time to try their software yet. Look for updates to this article, if I find something interesting there.

One mechanical concern is that Kinzu V2 Pro requires more finger force to be applied on click, compared to Abyssus.
Though I'm getting used to it as time goes. Also a more solid click like that should last longer, hope so anyway.