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Tips To Hire Great Developers

posted Nov 23, 2017, 6:49 PM by Victor Zakharov   [ updated Mar 16, 2018, 9:19 AM ]
Dear Recruiter,

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for a Software Developer position (Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer and similar).

Great news! From this point, I want to make sure our time is spent in the most efficient manner.

The kind of information I need from you:
- Location, salary, perks. Major intersection is okay, but company name is bonus points (to research them on Glassdoor).
- Which tools they use? Tech stack, version of Visual Studio, source control, unit tests, build automation, continuous delivery.
- My dev team size, and an overall % of software developers in the company. LinkedIn and/or Github profiles of their top devs.
- Workplace / environment - quiet office (ambient noise level <50db, no sales in the next cubicle), fast workstations with SSDs and lots of memory (16GB+), multiple monitors (3 screens is best, laptop + 2 is okay), ergonomic desks & chairs (an old SteelCase is better than a "regular" 100$ task chair from Staples), option to work remotely and move work hours to fit life.

Based on the above, the idea is pretty obvious - I'm looking for facts that directly impact my anticipated tenure in a good way. So please don't tell me that:
- You know the CEO and/or you staffed this company before. Neither makes my life better.
- It's an amazing team with smart people. If they really are, it will be apparent from other facts.
- It's a great location, spacious office, open office (especially open office).
- Company is a fast moving, hard working and/or startup culture. Fast / hard is not necessarily right.
- Compensation is on par with market and/or depending on experience. Don't ask me for my current salary before a written offer.
- Anything else about them is awesome, terrific, fabulous, astounding or unique (and other over-inflating adjectives).

Please do cover the majority of above points, otherwise your reply will be ignored.
I really want you to spend more than 30 seconds on me as a candidate, to save time on both sides.
Looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Victor (aka Neolisk).

This brief guide was created after I communicated to hundreds of recruiters over the phone, email and other means.
Eventually I got tired of them trying to evade my direct questions, trigger an emotional response to provoke personal interest and make me commit for an interview.
My apologies if it hurt your feelings. Rest assured, these are necessary means to make job requests more relevant.